Of Thankuuu

After all the drama that happened in our last visit to ped (mentioned in this post), we finally got a chance to meet the doctor. Now those who have talked to me about ped would know how much I adore this doctor and both me and S absolutely swear by his name. Getting his appointment is definitely difficult but every time we meet him, I adore him for all the patient listening he does to all that I say and his patient reply to all my queries (most of them can be categorized as silly). Well, this is definitely not the topic of my discussion and let me come back to my point.
Shreya got 2 shots yesterday, back-to-back in each thigh and needless to say she was screaming her heart out. Once done the doctor gave her a chocolate - a treat after the painful pokes. She immediately took that from the doctor and pat came the reply "Thankuu" while she was still trying to catch her breath and with big-big tears still rolling down her cheeks. Doctor was pleasantly surprised and so were we.  Both me and S was then found with a grin from ear to ear :). Indeed a proud moment for us and yes, as they say, modelling behavior definitely works!


  1. Awesome... and I must say we have some kind of a telepathy. Read this http://beingzoesmum.blogspot.in/2012/06/manners-anyone.html

  2. So sweet of Shreya...proud moment indeed :-)


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